HUM1023 Week 4 DQ: Thoreau’s stated that he felt that the mass of [humans] lead lives of quiet desperation?

1.  Thoreau’s stated that he felt that the “mass of [humans] lead lives of quiet desperation?”  Please explain what you think he means by this statement and whether you agree or disagree.  Why or why not?

2.  What do you think of Thoreau’s dictum “explore thyself” as being key to fulfillment?  Discuss Thoreau’s idea of nature in your response and define what you think “fulfillment” means.

3.  What does Thoreau mean by being enslaved to oneself? Discuss what he means by freedom, simplicity and solitude in your answer.  How do you define these terms?

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Course: HUM1023 Philosophy of Human Nature
School: Florida Institute of Technology

  • 24/11/2017
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