BIT-200 Topic 2 Assessment

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Topic 2 Assessment

Complete the assignment in MindTap by clicking on the link provided and navigating to the appropriate topic assignment.

1. When a CPU executes instructions as it converts input into output, it does so with _____.

2. Manny copied a table from an MS Excel file, closed the file, and then pasted the table in an MS Word document. Where was the table stored after he copied it?

3. What is the most common type of storage device for transferring files from one computer to another?

4. Where on a computer is the operating system generally stored?

5. If you press the key corresponding to letter A on the keyboard, what process is carried out inside the CPU to display the letter on the screen?

6. When considering a computer to purchase, which of the following factors involves the operating system of the computer?

7. What devices do not need device drivers to be manually installed, and start to function as soon as they are connected to a computer?

8. When should a user consider restoring the operating system?

9. Which of these is not an input device?

10. Which of the following refers to a condition in which the CPU performs well but the bus speed is slow?

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11. Which of the following is a necessary step in maintaining computer hardware?

12. When you want to add information to a document, what role does your operating system play?

13. What does an operating system provide so you can interact with a device?

14. What is the main purpose of an operating system?

15. _____ are standard settings that control how the screen is set up and how a document looks when you first start typing.

16. If you delete a shortcut from your desktop, have you also deleted the original file?

17. Simon has difficulty pressing and holding more than one key at a time, such as CTRL+ALT+DEL. What setting can he change to make this task easier?

18. Dominic is left-handed and frustrated with his pointing device because the default settings are for right-handed people. You can help Dominic solve his problem by telling him which of the following?

19. What concerns are there about open source programs?

20. Which of the following is not a step an operating system performs when printing a document?

Course: BIT-200 Introduction to Computer Technology
: Grand Canyon University

  • 08/10/2023
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