BHS-430 Topic 2 Strengths in Your Family Assignment

Strengths in Your Family

Complete the “Strengths in Your Family” Case Study document.

Use two to three scholarly sources to support your ideas.

Prepare this assignment according to the guidelines found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

This assignment uses a rubric. Please review the rubric prior to beginning the assignment to become familiar with the expectations for successful completion.

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Strengths in Your Family Case Study 

Sam (37) and Julie (34) have been struggling to conceive since they were married 5 years ago. Sam and Julie want to have a family, so last year, they took foster classes at a local church and David (14) was placed in their home a few months later. Sam and Julie have decided they want to adopt David and have put in the paperwork with the courts to do this. David has a little sister who is still in foster care in a different city. Sam and Julie speak with David about the adoption, and he is over the moon, but still seems sad. When asked by Sam what is wrong, David responds with, I want to be your son forever, but I really miss my sister Daisy. Sam and Julie know this is important to David and speak with his Case Manager the next day to see if they can begin fostering Daisy.

Daisy (9) has been living in a foster home with six other kids and does not trust foster parents. When she goes to live with Sam and Julie, she is excited to see David but knows Sam and Julie are bad people. David tries to tell Daisy Sam and Julie will be their mom and dad, but Daisy does not want to be adopted. Sam and Julie adopt David and ask if Daisy wants to be adopted as well, but they respect that she wants to stay a foster child. Slowly over the next year, Daisy sees that Sam and Julie do care, they never miss one of her soccer games and they even came to a field trip with her school. They always make food she and David like and always take David and Daisy to the store so they can pick out their food.

Daisy likes Sundays the best because the family goes to church together, and Julie sings in the choir. After church, they play soccer outside and Sam always helps Daisy with her math homework; he does not even get mad when she struggles. Overall, Daisy is very happy and has started to think she wants to be with this family forever. She goes to Sam and Julie one night and asks if they can adopt her and if she can call them mom and dad like David does. They happily agree and work on the paperwork the very next day. Two months later, Sam and Julie adopt Daisy and their family is complete.

Instructions: Based on the case study, addressing the following prompts using two to three scholarly sources to support your ideas.

Family System·       Describe the family system in 100-150 words.
Answer Here:
Family Dynamics ·       Explain the family dynamics found in this case study and why they are significant in 250-300 words.
Answer Here:
Homeostatic Mechanisms ·        Evaluate homeostatic mechanisms within the case study in 250-300 words.
Answer Here:
ReferencesCite a minimum of two to three sources in APA format to complete this assignment. Sources must be:

·       Published within the last five years

·       Appropriate for the assignment criteria

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Course: BHS-430 Introduction to Family Dynamics
School: Grand Canyon University

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