Understanding Correlations Worksheet PSY-362 Week 1 Assignment 2: Social Psychology and Cultural Applications

To reflect on what you have learned about research methods, please read the findings and answer all questions below. While APA style is not required, solid academic writing is expected.

Type your responses directly onto the worksheet.

Chapter 2 of your book discuss research methodology of psychology. Make sure to include in-text citations when completing your justifications; citations must be presented in APA format.

Explain the different research methods used by social psychologists and the advantages and disadvantages for each.

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Findings Positive or Negative Correlation Justifications (how did you come up with your answer?)
Finding 1: Studies have shown that the longer people are married, the more similar their political and social views become.
Finding 2: Studies have shown that the longer children had lived in an orphanage, the lower their IQ scores are.
Finding 3: Studies have shown that in large American cities, there is a relationship between the number of violent crimes and the number of stores that sell pornography depicting violence.
Course: PSY-362 Social Psychology and Cultural Applications
School: Grand Canyon University


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