PM571 Week 1 Assignment Project Management Concepts and Applications Paper


Select a current or past project with which you have been involved with in your organization or community.

Prepare a Project Proposal Form as shown in Figure 2.4A of Ch. 2 of Project Management for this project.

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Address the following elements:

  • Project Classification
  • Business Problem
  • Alignment with Organizational Strategy to Support Project Selection
  • Major Deliverables by Phases of the Project Life Cycle
  • Project Impact
  • Three Major Risks
  • Measure of Success
  • Resource Availability
  • Cost
  • Timeframe

Include a brief description of the project using no more than 525 words that addresses the following:

  • A description of how this project met the definition and characteristics of a project as defined in Ch. 1 of Project Management. Why would you consider it a project rather than day-to-day work?
  • A description of how project management differs from program and portfolio management.
  • A description of the organizational structure, based on the structures discussed in Ch. 2 of Project Management.
  • An explanation of how this project fits within the organizational structure and culture.
  • An analysis of the pros and cons of the organizational structure in terms of project outcomes.
  • A description of the culture of the organization that includes concepts from Ch. 3 of Project Management. How did the cultural norms affect this project from a positive or negative perspective?

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

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Course: PM571 Project Management
School: University of Phoenix

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