SOC 320 Week 8 Topic 8 Marriage and Family Journal Entry

Complete the “Topic 8 Marriage and Family Journal” worksheet.

For each part of the Journal assignment, compose a response with a minimum of 250 words.

These journal entries are designed to allow you to see how your own personal experiences or situations are relevant to the kinds of things that sociologists study. You will not be asked to share them with anyone other than the instructor of this class. It is hoped that this will allow you to be open and honest when controversial or personal topics are explored.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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Part I: Marriage and Family Journal (Entry # 16)

Follow the instructions below to create a Journal entry that addresses the following:

Consider a marriage that you know well. (e.g., your own, that of your parents or grandparents, or the marriage of a close friend or relative)

  1. What season of a marriage is that marriage going through at this time?
  2. On what do you base this assessment?
  3. What other seasons has it gone through?
  4. Have any of them been repeated?

Part II: Marriage and Family Journal (Entry # 17)

Follow the instructions below to create a Journal entry that addresses the following:

Review the seven strategies Chapman describes in Part II of The Four Seasons of Marriage. Which of these have you used, seen used, or think should have been used in a particular marriage? Explain..

Course: SOC 320 Marriage and Family
School: Grand Canyon University


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