SOC 320 Week 6 Topic 6 Marriage and Family Journal Entry

For each part of the Journal assignment, compose a response with a minimum of 250 words.

These journal entries are designed to allow you to see how your own personal experiences or situations are relevant to the kinds of things that sociologists study. You will not be asked to share them with anyone other than the instructor of this class. It is hoped that this will allow you to be open and honest when controversial or personal topics are explored.

APA format is not required, but solid academic writing is expected.

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Part I: Marriage and Family Journal (Entry # 12)

If you are a parent: Did you or do you have a preference for the number of children you have or had? Do you or did you have a preference for the sex of your children (e.g., one boy and two girls)? Can you recall your reasons for these preferences?

Can you identify your style of parenting (pp. 275-276) and was this style of parenting intentional or did it just happen? How might a Christian Worldview influence how a parent treats their children?

If you are not a parent: Would you like to become a parent at some point? If so, how many children would be your ideal number and how many would there be of each sex? Which of the three primary parenting styles seems that it would be the one you would use? (See pp. 275-276.)  How might a Christian Worldview influence how a parent treats their children?

If you would prefer not to have children, what are your reasons for this decision? Can you trace any of your feelings about parenthood back to some event or time in your past? If so, what was that?

Part II: Marriage and Family Journal (Entry # 13)

Every family faces stressors and crises of some kind – financial, medical, emotional, educational, work related, legal, marital, etc. What stressors and crises has your family faced? (You can use your family or origin or orientation or you can use the family you created when you married.) Using the information in Chapter 13 of the Lauer & Lauer text, how did your family deal with these challenges? What coping patterns did they use? How effective were the coping patterns used? How resilient is/was your family? (See p. 302.)

You are not required to submit this assignment to Turnitin.

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Course: SOC 320 Marriage and Family
School: Grand Canyon University

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