PSY-352 Topic 2 Quiz 1 Online

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PSY-352 Quiz 1 Online

  1. Which of the following statements about outpatient services is true?
  2. The most complex facilities in the health‑care system include
  3. Considering the psychosocial characteristics of the following people, which one is most likely to develop an illness?
  4. The greatest percentage of adults engage in which of the following health-related behaviors?
  5. Marcus has high blood pressure readings sometimes when he goes to the doctor for his routine check-ups. He feels anxious every year when he goes despite there being no family history for high blood pressure. Marcus is possibly suffering from:
  6. Vernice’s doctor has informed her that she is severely overweight, and that she should change her eating habits. Vernice fully intends to comply and intends to start changing behaviors in the next month or so. According to the transtheoretical model, Vernice is in the:
  7. The proposition that all diseases can be explained by disturbances in physiological processes
  8. Weinstein’s research on beliefs about individuals’ future health found that people tend to
  9. Which of the following Is true regarding patient adherence
  10. Social programs like Medicare
  11. Conflict theory emphasizes the impact of ___________ on all major decisions.
  12. The shift to outpatient services and home health care occurred for which of the following reasons?
  13. The following describe internal states of symptoms EXCEPT?
  14. The life‑span perspective in health psychology reveals that adolescents
  15. One of the shortcomings with the health belief model is
  16. Risk factors for a health problem
  17. People whose personalities include high levels of _____ seem to be “disease‑”
  18. Which of the following was an advance in science and medicine in the 18th and 19th centuries?
  19. In deciding which research methods to use, a researcher might keep in mind that
  20. Which of the following American health care systems is most known for requiring a referral from a primary care doctor in order to see a specialist?
  21. Which of the following is/are characteristic of the health belief model?
  22. If people adopted lifestyles that promoted wellness, how would the rate of illness and early death be affected?
  23. Hospitals are to _____ as nursing homes are to _____.
  24. Which of the following statements about health habits/behaviors is supported by research?
  25. Common definitions of health include

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Course: PSY-352 Health Psychology
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