RES/724 Week 6 Research Design Critique Individual Assignment

Locate a qualitative, peer-reviewed research study.

Use the Research Article Critique Checklist as a guide for critiquing the qualitative article you identified.

Write a 1,050-word minimum critique of the research article that addresses each item on the checklist in detail.

Provide examples from the study to exemplify your answers.

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Format your assignment according to APA guidelines.

Submit your assignment to the Assignment Files tab.

Article Citation:


  • Does it accurately describe the article?


  • Does it introduce the topic?
  • Is the purpose of the study clear?

Statement of the Problem:

  • Is there a general problem?
  • Is there a specific problem?
  • Is there rationale for why this is a problem with citations given?
  • Does the problem statement explain how the research will address the problem?

Purpose of the Study:

  • Is the reason for doing the study clear?
  • Is the sample and geographic location clear?
  • Is the method and design listed with rationale for its appropriateness?
  • Does the purpose of the study address the problem?
  • Are the research questions clearly defined?
  • Are the research questions aligned with the problem and the purpose of the study?

Conceptual Framework:

  • Are the underlying theories or concepts that define this study clearly described?
  • Is the relevance of the theories or concepts made clear?

Literature Review:

  • Is there a literature review to support the research?
  • Is the literature review comprehensive?
  • Are the articles recent?


  • Is the method/design appropriate for the study?
  • Does the sample fit the design and the purpose of the study?
    • Is sample size discussed and explained?
    • Was how sample was accessed explained?
    • Was instrumentation discussed adequately?
  • What data sources were used?
    • Was the data triangulated?
    • Were data sources appropriate to the study?
  • Did the author discuss the researcher as an instrument of the study?
  • Was data collection method described so that anyone could replicate the study?
  • Were dependability, trustworthiness, transferability, and confirmability discussed and addressed?


  • Is the analysis of the data discussed in detail?
  • Is the analytical approach aligned with the research questions and the research design?


  • Are the results clearly presented?
  • Are the words of the participants to exemplify the themes found?
  • Are the major themes and minor themes presented giving numbers and percentages?
  • Are the research questions answered?


  • Are results explained in relationship to:
    • Theoretical framework?
    • Research questions?
    • Significance of the study?
  • Are results considered in light of current research?


  • Are limitations of the study presented?
  • Are implications of these limitations discussed?


  • Are recommendations made based on the results of this study?
    • Recommendations to the field of study?
    • Recommendations for future research?
    • Recommendations to leaders in the field?

Course: RES/724 Qualitative Methods and Design
School: University of Phoenix

  • 18/03/2018
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