HUM1023 Week 8 Discussion Question

HUM1023 Week 8 Discussion Question: There are four parts to this question

Please provide one book recommendation for the class. Describe its philosophical component and why it is important.

My personal book recommendation is Influencer, by VitalSmarts. This book is life-changing and a must read for anyone who is interested in knowing the philosophical and psychological components that drive peoples’ behavior and how to effect more change in oneself and others. From better business performance, to enhanced relationships and more effective personal goals, this book offers the latest scientific research in how we can actually create real and lasting change in our lives, both personally and globally. It is NOT a New Age or personal philosophy, religion or spiritual practice—it is pure science. It follows success models around the world and shares inspiring, concrete examples. It was a New York Times bestseller, and is the same company that put out Crucial Conversations (another must read!).

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II.  Please provide a movie recommendation for this class. Describe its philosophical component and why it is important.

I am going to cheat and provide three, since you may have already seen the first one:

  • Examined Life

This film features some of the popular, current philosophers & their views. From Cornel West to Judith Butler, you will hear from the most interesting, contemporary minds, and their perspectives on some of the current hot button issues (Hint: this movie will be very helpful with the last two questions of your final exam.) You can access the film at:

  • I AM

This documentary, by Tom Shadyac, explores the integration of science & philosophy. It challenges some of our basic assumptions about human nature, consumerism and community. This is one of those movies you can watch ad infinitum and still get something new out of it with each viewing.

  • What the Bleep Do We Know?

This film highlights the intersection of philosophy & science (specifically physics). If you want to see how philosophers are grappling with some of the latest scientific theories, and its application to our daily lives, this movie is a good start.

III. Share one of your favorite podcasts or TedTalks. Even if you do not have one, research it. You can start with the top ten TedTalks of all time. Please explain your reasoning.

If you want to delve more deeply into any aspect of philosophy, this is your podcast:

This comprehensive site goes into great detail about each philosopher, starting in antiquity. It does not just focus on Western philosophers, but includes Asian and Middle Eastern philosophers, too. I am hoping it will eventually including African and Indigenous, as well. Each podcast is around 20 minutes, and I try to hit one a day. It is concise, clear and witty.

IV. Visit the site, Choose an issue for which you would either sign a petition or create one. Share it with the class, explain why it is important to you. There can be duplicates in terms of your choices:

I chose this one:

This is a course that is not only meant to give you philosophical knowledge, but hopefully inspire you to be more ethically engaged human beings. Now that we are at the end of our class, I would like to hear what is the most important ethical action you believe we should take in the world (Please do not include something political that we should vote for).

The ethical reasoning behind my choice is: Purchase fair trade items only, whenever possible. Do not support the slave trade industry.

You might be surprised to learn that slavery is at an all time high in the world, with free child labor making up a big part of it. So, in order to ensure that your food is ethically grown and harvested (especially coffee and chocolate, where there is a notorious amount of free child labor) you want to also keep your eyes open for ‘fair trade labels.’ Hershey’s is one of the biggest culprits, and there has been mounting congressional pressure to get this company to cease their harmful practices. Please read more here about child slavery and the chocolate industry:

Here is a comprehensive list of all of the items you want to stay clear of, if they were made in these countries:

Most importantly, here is a website that describes all of the kinds of human trafficking and child labor that exists today. Be informed and please share this information with others!

***A top score for weekly DQs will offer around 100 words per question, for a total of a 400 word response.

Course: HUM1023 Philosophy of Human Nature
School: Florida Institute of Technology


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