PSY 260 Article Interrogation Paper

PSY 260 Article Interrogation Paper

In 500-600 words for each article (1,000-1,200-words total), interrogate each of your articles from Topic 4, using the four big validities. For each article, work through the four big validities in turn, indicating whether the article does a good or bad job on each front. As you write, keep in mind that you are demonstrating your mastery of this material! Show that you know how to ask questions about each of the four validities, show that you know what the answers to these questions mean. Finally, show that you understand what it means to prioritize validities as you interrogate a study.

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Please see the attached document (Article Interrogation) under the assignment tab for the detailed information on this assignment.


*I have provided the articles to use for this assignment, please see attached

Course: PSY 260 Introduction to Psychological Research and Ethics
School: Grand Canyon University

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