Good Grades boost self-confidence

Grades are important because they boost self-confidence. Students who suffer from low-self-esteem also tend to suffer from poor health, according to a study at Kings College. It leads to the creation of a vicious circle. Poor grades lead to low self-esteem, which leads to adverse health. Poor health leads to poor grades, and the cycle goes on and on.  You have better self-worth and feel proud of your achievements. It gives you the confidence to give your best at everything in life.

Poor grades lead to low self-esteem, which leads to adverse health.

Employers do care about grades

Employers care about your grades. Many employers consider your GPA as an indicator of your technical ability and competence to perform a job. How well you complete your assignment, determines your grade. Employment also consists of various assignments/tasks. When people get used to giving their best in schools and colleges, they are more likely to do so at work too.  Good grades prove that you are not casual.

Good grades prove that you are not casual.

Why Good Grades are important

Good grades mean better career progression

Good grades in undergraduate and graduate courses will help you stand out from the crowd. The competition in various fields like Law, Medicine, Graduate Business School, etc. is so high that your good college grades will help in career progression.

You stand a better chance of promotion in your organization if you complete your courses with good grades.

Good grades are linked to higher earnings

Good grades are somehow linked to better earnings later on in life. Don’t get inspired by college dropouts who have turned millionaires because we all know they are exceptions. There are many dropouts who are languishing doing nothing. Most people who secured good grades are earning more dollars today. There are subjects or courses in which we get good grades and end up getting clarity on our future. We come to know the future career prospects for us because of our excellent performance in a specific subject.

Grades are not a measure of a person, but if they were not relevant at all, why are they still alive? If you are studying, why not learn and aim for good grades?

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