BUS-101 Introduction to Business Final Project Report

Final Report: Please prepare a report on the company you have been “Following” throughout the semester. Please include the sections below (relating to topics covered in class and in the textbook). Please type and print.

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TITLE PAGE (Cover): Date/Your Name/ Assignment — Following Report

BACKGROUND: Describe the company and provide general information.

CUSTOMERS: Describe the “target” consumers that the company sells products or services to.

COMPETION: List companies/organizations competing with the company for the same consumers

PRODUCT: Identify products and services available

PRICE: Identify price/price range/compare to competition

PLACE: Describe where consumers buy the product/service. What is the company’s distribution strategy?

PROMOTION: What are the company’s key messages to consumers? How does the organization reach consumers with messages? Include examples of advertising and/or promotion

SOCIAL MEDIA: Does the company have a social media presence? Where can you find them on social media? How does the firm use social media: To sell/to reach customers? /to reach employees?

INTERANAL MANAGEMENT/ORGANIZATION: How is the company organized internally? What is the management structure? Is it employee-owned? Is it a Public Company? Is it Privately Owned?

EMPLOYEE RELATIONS: How many employees does the company employ? How does the organization communicate to employees? How do they recruit new employees — include examples of job postings/descriptions.

CONCLUSION: Write a brief conclusion sharing your thoughts about the organization, what you learned by following this company, your closing comments.

Course: BUS-101 Introduction to Business
School: Community College of Alleghany County

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