BUS 101 Final Exam Questions

Please answer the following questions:

  1. In your opinion. Is government participation in our business systems good or bad? What factors form Chapter 1/Part I can be used to explain your answer.
  2. What as a “favorable balance of trade’? In what ways is it considered favorable?
  3. Would you rather own your own business or become a franchisee? Explain your reasons why.

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  1. How would a manager go about formalizing an informal organization? Use information form Chapter 7 to explain your answer.
  2. According to the “Equitable Theory” in Chapter 10, how would an employee determine wither he or she is being treated Equitably?
  3. What new information technologies and social media strategies are marketers in companies using to keep track of business trends and customers wants and needs? As a consumer, how do you feel about these tactics? Would your perspective change if you were involved in marketing your own business?
  4. Which steps in the Evolution of New Products are most important? Which steps are least important? Use information covered in Chapter 13 to defend your answer.
  5. Which Distribution Channels would a “service” business most likely use? Explain Why.
  6. Which type of advertising (print/broadcast/online/social media/videos) influences you most? How do companies promote new products, special pricing, etc. to you? Is it effective?
  7. State the Accounting equation and list two specific examples for each term in the equation. How does this equation (and terms used in the equation) relate to your own personal finance accounting?

Course: BUS-101 Introduction to Business
School: Community College of Alleghany County

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