ENGL 283 Week 4 Assignment: Writing Exercise #2: “Putting a Toe in the Water” or “Siding with…”

Choose one of the prompts listed below and write a maximum of 300 words showcasing a conversation between the characters you’ve created. Remember to submit your exercise to Safe Assign and bring a printed copy without your name on it to class for workshop and grading.

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“Putting a Toe in the Water”

Two people are on a date. Each thinks he or she might be in love with the other one. But each is afraid of getting hurt, so he or she wants to find out the other one’s feelings before revealing his or her own. Write a conversation in which both are trying to get the other person to say how and where he/she sees the relationship going.

“Siding With…”

Three friends have met for bagels/doughnuts and coffee or tea.  Person A has just left his/her wife or husband and family.  Person B whole-heartedly supports this decision.  Person C thinks this was morally wrong and irresponsible.  Write the conversation in a unique voice.

Things to note:

  • Spelling, word choice, and punctuation do matter — at least for the narrative parts. Dialogue needs leeway.
  • Create characters that are unique and distinct from one another, but be sure to focus on character interaction.
  • This is a mini-story that will be in medias res (“in the middle of things”). Keep that in mind when writing, assuming your reader knows quite a bit about these characters and their backstory, but keep the scene fresh.
  • Think, too, about the subtle nuances that people who know one another would have with each other.
  • Remember to submit the assignment to the Safe Assign link and Bb and bring a copy to class without your name on it! Submitting it to Safe Assign does not count as having submitted it. If there is no printed copy, the grade is zero.

Course: ENGL 283 Introduction To Creative Writing
School: Towson University

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