ISCOM/370 Week 4 Assignment Sourcing Strategy Individual Assignment

ISCOM/370 Week 4 Assignment Sourcing Strategy Individual Assignment

Resource: Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation, Ch. 15

Read Sections 15.2 In-House or Outsource? on pages 435-441, and 15.9 Making Sourcing Decisions in Practice on pages 463-465 in the Supply Chain Management: Strategy, Planning, and Operation textbook.

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Write a 700- to 1,050-word paper that addresses the following:

  • Provide a detailed overview of the advantages of outsourcing and aggregation, and describe two to three cases of when it may be most effective for a company to pursue outsourcing opportunities.
  • Evaluate potential risks to using a third party within one’s supply chain, as well as possible consequences for a company’s supply chain if things were to go wrong.
  • Select a company of your choosing, and determine one or two products or services that may benefit from outsourced production (e.g. a product with high production costs, high warehousing costs, 24/7 customer service needs, website development/maintenance).
  • Determine the product lead time needed, and develop a timeline from the initiation of the project to project completion.
  • Research third parties for possible outsourcing opportunities, and appraise the third party’s estimated labor and production costs, warehousing capacity, transportation modes/channels, quality assurance practices, and other relevant factors as applicable.
  • Assess potential problems and solutions in each of these areas.
  • Determine whether or not it makes sense for the company to outsource its product or service based upon a comparison of all of the variables involved, and summarize your conclusions using relevant examples.

Format your paper according to APA guidelines.

Cite your references to support your paper.

Course: ISCOM370 Strategic Supply Chain Management
School: University of Phoenix

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