MGMT 5123 Week 3 Financial Ratios Analysis Individual Assignment. Each student will select a publicly held, internationally trading company and analyse company using least 7 financial ratios

Each student will select a publicly held, internationally trading company, approved by the instructor and, using the company’s most recent Annual Report (and other reports as desired), students are required to analyze the company.

  • Students must use at least 7 financial ratios.
  • This assignment is due at the end of Session Three.
  • APA format is required. See the Rubric for grading expectations.

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Financial Ratio Analysis – Analyze the company using the financial ratios. You don’t have to use all the ratios introduced in the text, but using too few ratios will result in unreliable conclusion. Just illustrating the ratio will not guarantee good analysis. You need to analyze the ratio, for example, if one ratio is low, analyze why it is low and the impact of the ratio, the cause of low figure and so on.

The reader will not be able to understand your analysis unless you have definition and explanation of the ratio as well as analysis.


  • References used in the study


  • Additional formulas and/or concept needs more explanation

Course: MGMT 5123 Finance & Accounting for Non Finance Managers
Southern Wesleyan University

  • 01/11/2017
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