MGMT 5123 Week 1 MyFinanceLab Assignment

P3-3 (Working with the income statement) If the Marifield Steel Fabrication Company earned $535,000 in net income and paid a cash dividend of $274,000 to its stockholders, what are the firm’s earnings per share if the firm had 95,000 shares of stock outstanding?

P3-4 (Corporate Income Tax) Barrington Enterprises earned $4.5 million in taxable income (earnings before taxes) during its most recent years of operations. Use the corporate tax rates shown in the popup window.  To calculate the firm’s tax liability for the year. What are the firm’s average and marginal tax rates?

P3-5 (Corporate Income Tax) Last year Sanderson, Inc had sales of $3.9 million. The firm’s cost of goods sold came to $2.7 million; its operating expenses excluding depression of $101,000 were $397,000, and the form paid $153,000 in interest on its bank loans. All the corporation received $54,000 in divided income (from a company in which it owned less than 2 percent of its shares) but paid $25,000 in the form of dividends to its own common stockholders. Use the corporate tax rates shows in the popup window, to calculate the corporation’s tax liability. What are the firm’s average and marginal tax rates?

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Course: MGMT 5123 Finance & Accounting for Non Finance Managers
School: Southern Wesleyan University

  • 17/10/2017
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