ORG726 Week 8 Individual Assignment Evaluating the Impact of Technology on Organizations

In Week 7, you researched scorecards, models, and key performance indicators on which to evaluate technology and organizational change. Based on this research:

Write a 1,400- to 2,100-word paper that evaluates the management of technology in your selected organization to recommend best practices and improvements for technology management. Use a minimum of three key performance indicators or three areas from your selected scorecard/model for your evaluation. To facilitate the evaluation, you may use an existing scorecard/model or create one based on your Week 7 research.

You are encouraged to review your assignments from previous weeks as a means to inform the development of your evaluation and recommendations. This assignment must represent an original paper; therefore, leverage your previous assignments as a basis for synthesis.

Recommend a minimum of three best practices and improvements in the organization for technology management based on your evaluation.

Support your evaluation and recommendations with five to seven scholarly, peer-reviewed sources.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Course: ORG726 The Impact Of Technology On Organizations
School: University of Phoenix

  • 15/10/2017
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