Week #6 Assignments due 21 Nov 2017

Discussion Board: In the last week of January 2016, the Fed decided not to raise the target interest rates. After the news, exchange rates, stock markets, bond markets and other financial markets, even in other countries fluctuated a lot. It seems that the world economy is very much dependent on the USA Fed’s announcement. As we live in globalized world, we cannot avoid risk associated with the markets in other countries and the Fed’s policy seems to drive the world economy. Why do you think the world economy is so sensitive to the Fed’s policy? Do you think the Fed should be responsible for the world economy when the US economy is their responsibility? Please support your responses from reading assignments and at least one additional source related to this time and event. Cite/list sources using the APA style.


Assignment: Assignments are to be completed in Myfinancelab.com provided by the publisher. Each student is expected to turn in their own individual work. No late homework will be accepted. This assignment is due every session.

This paper will integrate all individual analyses (Financial Ratio analysis and bond & Stock Analysis) to come up with new conclusion and investment opinion/recommendation about the company. Christian integration is required.

Details in Appendix C

 APA format required. See grading rubrics.

Appendix C 

Executive Summary 

  • Summary of the analysis


  • Overview of the firms (Background Information)
  • What will be in the paper



  • Financial Ratio Analysis (Section 1)
  • Bond & Stock Analysis (Section 2)
  • Both can be copied from your previous analyses and should be corrected as commented.



  • Your own opinion based on the analyses; should be explained.
  • Recommendation for investors or recommendation for company
  • Recommendation cannot be from other sources; this is your own recommendation based on your analysis.
  • If the recommendation has any resources other than your own, there will be significant reduction on the paper.



  • Address summarized analysis – critical!!!
  • Implication of the study
  • Biblical integration should be applied
  • Your conclusion cannot be combination of two previous conclusions. This conclusion should be new since you have two analyses combined.
  • You should not make any recommendation or analysis in your conclusion.


** Conclusions from Section 1 and 2 should be integrated. Just combining two conclusions will result in zero credit.



  • References used in the study


Appendix, if necessary

Additional formulas and/or concept needs more explanation

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