QRB 501 Week 5 Quantitative Techniques in Financial Valuation Problem Set

Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students an opportunity to practice and learn the time-value of money concepts covered during Week 4. Students will understand how to evaluate future values, present values, interest rates, and time periods for financial investments.

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Assignment Steps

Resources: Quantitative Techniques in Financial Valuation Problem Set Excel® Template

Save the Quantitative Techniques in Financial Valuation Problem Set Excel® Template to your computer.

Read the instructions on the first tab.

Complete the twelve exercises located in the template and record your answers in the highlighted spaces.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

  1. Find the interest paid on a loan of $1,200 for three years at a simple interest rate of 5% per year. How much money will you pay after three years?
  2. Find the maturity value of a loan of $1,750 for 28 months at 9.8% simple interest per year.
  3. Find the simple interest rate of a loan of $5,000 that is made for three years and requires $1,762.50 in interest.
  4. A loan of $16,840 is borrowed at 9% simple interest and is repaid with $4,167.90 interest. What is the duration of the loan?
  5. How much money is borrowed if the interest rate is 9.25% simple interest and the loan is made for 3.5 years and has $904.88 interest?
  6. Find the ordinary and exact interest for a loan of $1000 at a 5% annual interest rate. The loan was made on March 15 and is due May 15.
  7. Find the bank discount and proceeds using ordinary interest for a loan to Michelle Anders for $7,200 at 8.25% annual simple interest from August 8 to November 8.
  8. What is the effective interest rate of a simple discount note for $8,000, at an ordinary bank discount rate of 11%, for 120 days?
  9. What is the effective interest rate for the first year for a loan of $20,000 for three years if the interest is compounded quarterly at a rate of 12%?
  10. Tim Bowling has $20,000 invested for three years at a 5.25% annual rate compounded daily. How much interest will he earn?
  11. The Holiday Boutique would like to put away some of the holiday profits to save for a planned expansion. A total of $8,000 is needed in three years. How much money in a 5.2% three-year certificate of deposit that is compounded monthly must be invested now to have the $8,000 in three years?
  12. Jamie Juarez needs $12,000 in 10 years for her daughter’s college education. How much must be invested today at 2% annual interest compounded semiannually to have the needed funds?

Course: QRB501 Quantitative Reasoning For Business
School: University of Phoenix

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