New Exam: 500474RR Fostering Creativity and Innovation; Decision Making

1.   _______ is a technique designed to help us think visually and spatially about issues and problems.

A. Synectics
B. Matrix analysis
C. Design thinking
D. Mindmapping

2.   The technique that involves joining together different and apparently unconnected or irrelevant elements is known as

A. synectics.
B. mindmapping.
C. matrix analysis.
D. design thinking.

3.   Which of the models of decision making assumes that each phase of the process is carried out deliberately and consciously?

A. Organizational process
B. Incremental
C. Deliberative
D. Rational

4.   The _______ stage of the creative process is essentially a choice to engage in and commit to solving a problem.

A. incubation
B. concentration
C. verification
D. preparation

5.   Nancy knows she has to a make a decision on her own, but she solicits input from other members of the group who will be affected by the decision. What kind of decision is she making?

A. Autocratic
B. Consultative
C. Group
D. Collaborative

6.   In the garbage can model of decision making, participants are characterized in terms of

A. the potential energy required to solve the problem.
B. the amount of bargaining that may be required to achieve a solution.
C. how much energy they have available to make a choice.
D. how much energy participants can devote to the problem.

7.   As one management specialist noted, “Problems with _______ are the single most common reason why things go wrong in focus group projects.”

A. recruitment
B. moderating
C. planning
D. analysis

8.   Organizations can emphasize creativity by

A. increasing workloads to generate stress.
B. offering onsite child care facilities.
C. offering incentives like tickets to plays and converts.
D. providing the time needed to think about problems.

9.   Hostility to ideas that come from outside the organization rather than from within is commonly referred to as

C. diversity aversion.
D. NIH syndrome.

10.   The _______ model of decision making assumes that people make value-maximizing choices.

A. organizational process
B. collaborative
C. rational
D. garbage can

11.   In general, the decision-making process begins when someone perceives a gap between an existing situation or condition and ends with

A. ignoring it and trusting your gut.
B. actions taken to close or narrow the gap.
C. postponing a solution for as long as possible.
D. asking others for advice.

12.   As the leader of an organization, Marissa knows that in order to foster creativity, she needs to build positive relationships with employees based on their

A. needs, aspirations, and skills.
B. financial situation.
C. multicultural mindset.
D. age and gender.

13.   During the _______ phase of the rational model of the decision-making process, Taylor evaluates alternatives and selects the one that best solves the problem.

A. analytic
C. verification
D. choice

14.   Divergent thinking, ideational fluency, linguistic ability, and a strong ability to see associations between various ideas and are all aspects of creativity when viewed as a

A. kind of behavior.
B. set of cognitive skills.
D. process.

15.   Shaq’an has been assigned to develop a new work team. Since he trained as a musician in high school, he approaches this assignment by thinking of himself as a conductor and his team as an orchestra. In doing so, he’s using a synectic technique known as _______ analogy.

A. fantasy
B. symbolic
C. direct
D. evidence-based

16.   Central versus business unit bottlenecks typically involve ambiguity regarding

A. global versus local impacts.
B. internal versus external accountability.
C. policy decisions.
D. whether a single specialist or a team should be involved in the decision.

17.   Psychologist Michael J. Kirton proposed a model in which certain people, known as _______, are more comfortable with and better suited to making improvements in existing practices.

B. adaptors
C. long-term creative types
D. short-term creative types

Course: New Exam: 500474RR – Fostering Creativity and Innovation; Decision Making
School: Penn Foster College

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