QRB501 Week 4 Individual Assignment Data Analytics Problem Set

Purpose of Assignment 

The purpose of this assignment is to provide students opportunities to reinforce the fundamental topics in data analytics. Through this assignment, students will learn how to read information from bar charts, pie charts, line charts, and frequency distributions. Students will also use Microsoft Excel’s pivot table functionality to create frequency distributions, bar charts, and pie charts. The assignment also includes evaluating basic descriptive statistics using Microsoft Excel®. 

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Assignment Steps 

Resources: Data Analytics Problem Set Excel® Template, Excel® 2016 Essential Training

Save the Data Analytics Problem Set Excel® Template to your computer.

Read the instructions on the first tab.

Complete the twelve exercises located in the template and record your answers in the highlighted spaces.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

  1. Fifty business students were given a project to complete. The bar graph below shows the number of days it took the students to complete the assignment.
  2. The bar graph below shows the Quarterly Dollar Volume of Batesville Tire Company. Refer to the bar graph below and answer the questions.
  3. The line chart below shows data for Automobile Gasoline Mileage Comparisons for full-size and compact cars. Refer to the chart and answer the questions.
  4. The line chart below shows Dale Crosby’s Salary History. Refer to this chart and answer the questions.
  5. The pie chart below shows the family budget. Refer to the chart and answer the following questions.
  6. The bar chart shows the distribution of tax dollars. Refer to the chart and answer the following questions.
  7. The Canmark Research Center Airport Customer Satisfaction Survey uses an online questionnaire to provide airlines and airports with customer satisfaction ratings for all aspects of the customers’ flight experience (airportsurvey website, July 2012). After completing a flight, customers receive an e-mail asking them to go to the website and rate a variety of factors, including the reservation process, the check-in process, luggage policy, cleanliness of gate area, service by flight attendants, food/beverage selection, on-time arrival, and so on. A five-point scale, with Excellent, Very Good, Good, Fair, and Poor, is used to record customer ratings. Assume that passengers on a delta Airlines flight from Myrtle beach, South Carolina, to Atlanta, Georgia, provided the following ratings for the question, “Please rate the airline based on your overall experience with this flight.” The sample ratings are shown below.
  8. The data below shows the total sales per day of the week by four salespersons. Use Microsoft Excel to construct a line chart (graph) showing total sales by the days of the week for Happy’s Gift Shoppe.
  9. Use Excel to find the mean, median, and mode of the scores given below.
  10. After your MBA, you are employed as a business analyst for a company that makes household products, which are sold by part-time salespersons who work during their spare time. The company has four salespersons employed. Let us denote these salespersons by A, B, C, and D. The sales records (in dollars) for the past 6 weeks for these four salespersons are shown in the table below.
  11. The data below shows personal income for Quarters 2014: II – 2015: III in millions of dollars, seasonally adjusted at annual rate.
  12. Construct a pie chart (circle graph) showing the distribution of market share using the data below. The data represents the percent dollar market of comics and magazine sales for September (Rounded to the nearest whole percent).

Course: QRB501 Quantitative Reasoning For Business
School: University of Phoenix

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