MGMT 5273 Week 7 Assignment: Comparative Leadership Paper

Assignment 3: Comparative Leadership Paper – 300 points

Each student will write a paper comparing and contrasting Machiavellian leadership with either transformational, authentic, or servant leadership theory (student’s choice).

Following an introduction with a thesis statement, the student will:

  • Define and describe Machiavellian leadership and the chosen leadership theory and compare and contrast how a leader using each style would differ on three major themes: communication, motivation, and organizational change, and
  • Evaluate the impact each leadership style would have on a leader’s perspective of environmental scanning, strategy formulation, strategy implementation, and evaluation and control. Finally, the student will summarize their findings with a concise conclusion.

A sample APA paper will be provided to assist the student with formatting. The student will cite the textbook, a minimum of three articles from peer-reviewed journals, Scripture, and the book The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli.

The paper will be between 2400-3000 words in length (at least 8 typed pages), not including the title or reference pages. The paper will be evaluated using the Comparative Leadership Paper Rubric.

Course: MGMT 5273 Strategic Leadership
School: Southern Wesleyan University


  • 15/08/2017
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