MBA-FP6026 Assessment 1: Gardner’s Five Minds

In 4–5 pages, explain the meaning of Gardner’s five minds, analyze personal competence in the five minds, and explain why the five minds are essential qualities for a global leader. Analyze a selected leadership theory or model in terms of alignment to Gardner’s five minds.

Gardner’s Five Minds

In order to develop a global leadership plan and be a true leader in the global arena, you must know your own strengths and weaknesses with respect to the level of your leadership competencies. This assessment will help you evaluate your level of competence related to Gardner’s Five Minds of Leadership, and will be helpful when you create your global leadership development plan.

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Be sure you read and reference the Gardner article linked in the Required Resources section of this assessment. You will also need to do your own research on Gardner’s Five Minds concept and its implications for the future. Search the Capella University Library and the Internet for scholarly articles on the application of this concept. You will need at least three additional resources to support your work in this assessment.

In addition, select one of the following theories or models to research and use in this assessment:

  • Trait approach.
  • Skills approach.
  • Situational approach.
  • Path-goal theory.
  • Leader-member exchange theory.
  • Transformational leadership.

Organize this assessment logically, using headings and sub-headings appropriately. Include a title page and reference page, and follow APA guidelines for all citations and references.


For this assessment, complete the following:

  • Explain the meaning of each of Gardner’s Five Minds.
  • Analyze your own level of competency in each of the Five Minds.
    • Describe your experience in each of the Five Minds.
    • Determine your strengths and weaknesses in each of the Five Minds.
    • Explain how you can develop and improve your Five Minds.
  • Analyze the theory or model you selected in terms of how well it aligns with Gardner’s Five Minds.
    • Briefly explain the theory or model you selected.
    • Explain how the theory or model aligns (or does not align) with Gardner’s Five Minds.
  • Explain why Gardner’s Five Minds are essential qualities for a global leader.

Additional Requirements

  • Include a title page and reference page.
  • Number of pages: 4–5, not including title page and reference page.
  • Number of resources: At least 3 in addition to the Gardner article.
  • APA format for citations and references.
  • Times New Roman font, 12 point.
  • Double-spaced.

Library Resources

Gardner, H. (2008). The five minds for the future. Schools: Studies in Education, 5(1/2), 17–24.

Course: MBA-FP6026 The Global Leader
School: Capella University

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