Case Application: Developing Gen Y Leaders

12-14  Why do you think there is a huge gap in the theory (what we know we should do) and practice (what we’re actually doing)  of leadership development?

12-15 What are some reasons that companies might not be addressing Gen Y leadership development programs?

12-16  Take each of the six leadership attributes that 3M feels is important. Explain what you think each one involves. Then discuss how these attributes might be developed and measured.

12-17  Would any of those six leadership attributes be  appropriate for any  of the other companies mentioned? Explain.

12-18 Three different types of organizations are described here: 3M is primarily a manufacturing organization. Earnest and Young and Deloitte are professional service organizations. Facebook is a tech company. Compare and contrast their differing approaches to Gen Y leadership development.

Course: BUS 103 Principles of Management
School: Community College of Alleghany County

  • 23/07/2017
  • 25
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