MGMT 5273 Strategic Leadership Week 4 Assignment 4: Leadership Theory Paper

Assignment 4: Leadership Theory Paper – 200 points

Each student will write a paper including a brief chronological overview of leadership approaches and theories. Choosing three major leadership theories from this overview, the student will discuss how each leadership theory might approach vision setting, strategy formulation, and the impact of each theory on stakeholders (employees, investors, and customers).

A sample APA paper will be provided to assist the student with formatting. The student will cite the textbook and at least three articles from peer-reviewed journals and reputable business publications.

The paper will be between 1500-1800 words in length (at least 5 typed pages), not including the title or reference pages. The paper will be evaluated using the Leadership Theory Paper Rubric.

Course: MGMT 5273 Strategic Leadership
School: Southern Wesleyan University

  • 18/07/2017
  • 45
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