COUN5246 Week 2 Discussion Question: Assessment Qualification

  • Discuss the importance of these programs, identify challenges, discuss potential ways to overcome those challenges, and present a method by which these programs can be evaluated.
  • Summarize your answers to the questions in the Transitions in Schools presentation, and share your reflections on the school counselor’s role.
  • Choose a school level (high school) and describe a career development transition program for the level, which was not discussed in the presentation. You may use the same transition program you presented in the School Transition Programs assignment. Provide your rationale for selecting that program and identify what you think is central to assisting students in developing their knowledge about careers.

Word Limit: A maximum of 250 words for above questions.

Course: COUN5246 Contemporary Issues in School Counseling
School: Capella University

  • 18/07/2017
  • 5
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