MGMT 5273 Strategic Leadership Week 6 Discussion Questions

Assignment 1: Find a current article (less than three years old) on strategic leadership from any publication on this list of Business publications

(Hint: Google “strategic leadership” “Inc. magazine,” “strategic leadership” “Harvard business review”, etc.). Summarize the major points in the article, and discuss how each point impacts your leadership. Use critical thinking for the evaluation and support your ideas, including your own personal experience.

Note: This activity will help you building the literature review for the Comparative Leadership paper as well. Please discuss with the instructor (via INBOX) your preliminary thoughts about the Comparative Leadership paper.

Assignment 2: A lived-out Christian faith requires a biblical worldview of our place in our organizations. We cannot be Christians at church while divorcing ourselves from a Christian worldview in the culture. Emphasizing our need for a biblical worldview that is culturally literate, Stonestreet (2010) stated that

The Biblical approach to culture is to understand it (2 Cor. 10; Dan. 1), confront it (Dan. 3-4; Acts 17), and contribute to it (Gen. 2; Jer. 29). The Bible transcends cultural trends and realities because the Bible is the context of all cultures. Therefore, we can speak truthfully and significantly to cultural trends and issues, blessing what is good and cursing what is evil. (para. 21)

How can studying strategic leadership through a biblical worldview prepare you to understand, confront, and contribute to the culture?


Stonestreet, J. (2010, March 11). Biblical worldview: What it is, and what it is not. Christian Worldview Journal. Retrieved from

Course: MGMT 5273 Strategic Leadership
School: Southern Wesleyan University

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