CNS6901 Final Exam: Please write two or three pages about how taking this class has changed you

Is your anxiety level raised yet?  I bet it is.  Anyway I had really hoped to use chapters 13 and 14 from D. Barlow (2014), Clinical Handbook of the treatment of mental disorders, fifth edition: A step-by-step guide, as the framework for your exam.  Unfortunately, all of you do not have access to this in your digital library unless you have used it in a class. That being said, I recommend that all of you to check out those chapters because of the extremely useful information contained therein.  Barlow has done an excellent job of gathering experts in these fields to present appropriate treatment protocols for persons suffering from these disorders.  I promise you will be glad to have that knowledge when you encounter substance abusing clients and their family members.  When you read these chapters I want you to pay particular attention to what you do and don’t agree with and how you would make the treatment methods and interventions your own (adapt them to your style).

So, here is your exam!

Please write two or three pages about how taking this class has changed you.  You should talk about your experiences in the class, ideas that maybe challenged your way of thinking and how your ideas or beliefs changed.  Discuss things you learned from reading the text, doing the presentation, listening to the lectures, reviewing the treatment videos, listening to others’ presentations and listening to others’ viewpoints.

Course: CNS6901 Diagnosis and Treatment of Addictive Disorders
School: South University

  • 12/06/2017
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