BUS 103 Principles of Management Chapter 4 Homework Assignment

4-2 Describe the eight steps in the decision-making process.

4-3 All of us bring biases to the decisions we make. What would be the drawbacks of having biases? Could there be any advantages to having biases? Explain. What are the implications for managerial decision making?

4-5 Is there a difference between wrong decisions and bad decisions? Why do good managers sometimes make wrong decisions? Bad decisions? How might managers improve their decision-making skills?

4-7 Explain how a manager might deal with making decisions under conditions of uncertainty?

4-11 Today’s world is chaotic and fast-paced. How does time pressure affect managerial decision making? What can managers do to still be good decision-makers under such conditions.

Course: BUS 103 Principles of Management
School: Community College of Alleghany County

  • 08/06/2017
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