BUS 680 Week 2 DQ A Manager Says We Need Training Course on Time Management Have 30 Field Representatives Coming In For Conference

A manager says, “We need a training course on time management. We have 30 field representatives coming in for a conference next week and only 20% of them are actually meeting their goals. This is disappointing because they had the training four months ago but still have not met their overall goals in sales and customer service. I want you to give them half-day training on time management.” Provide a detailed description of how you would respond to and proceed in this situation. In your post, respond to the following questions: What is the purpose of a training needs analysis (TNA)? How do you determine when needs analysis should be conducted? Is it always necessary to conduct a TNA? What methods and tools would you use to help this manager? Your initial post should be 250 to 300 words. Use this week’s lecture as a foundation for your initial post. In addition to the Blanchard and Thacker (2013) text, use at least one additional scholarly source to support your discussion.

Course: BUS 680 Training & Development
School: Ashford University

  • 16/05/2017
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