PSYCH/614 Week 3 The Need to Belong Assignment

Wk 3 – The Need to Belong

Human beings have an innate need to belong. To belong, people must establish and maintain a minimum quantity of enduring relationships. Imagine you are on a team of amateur entrepreneurs developing a new product. A television producer has invited you to pitch your idea in front of a group of investors on an exciting, competitive game show. The winning team will receive a prize of investment capital and a chance to make a real change in people’s lives.

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Create a 10- to 16-slide PowerPoint® proposal for a new product.

Complete the following in your proposal:

  • Outline what the product or service is and how it can help society.
  • Summarize the overall goal of the product or service.
  • Describe the characteristics of your target audience demographic.
  • Create a vision in the investors’ minds so they can imagine the services provided and the user experience.
  • Discuss how you can sell this product through the power of one’s needs to belong.
  • Determine whether your product creates any social dilemmas.
  • Differentiate your product using what you know about how people interact and socially engage (pro proximity, mere exposure effect, evolution, attraction, need to belong).
  • Illustrate the connection between your idea and social psychology concepts and theories.
  • Include additional concepts learned throughout the course.

Cite at least 3 references to support your assignment.

Submit your assignment.

Course: PSYCH/614 Social Psychology
School: University of Phoenix

  • 16/01/2023
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