LDR-612 Topic 2 Self-Reflection Log Assignment

Self-Reflection Log

Continue to work on the prompts for Topic 2 in your ” T1-T4 Self-Reflection Log” located in Topic 4 Resources. You are not required to submit the completed log until Topic 4.

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LDR-612: Self-Reflection Log for Topics 1-4




Directions: During your coaching and mentoring experience, you are required to complete a self-reflection log of your experiences and obstacles. This log will be a helpful component to evaluating and modifying the overall coaching/mentoring experience. In 100-150 words each, respond to the following prompts.

Topic 2

1.    How do you best determine the needs of your potential mentee in order have a successful relationship as you work towards their goals together? 


2.    How do you decipher goals that are short-term verses long-term? As you are working with your mentee, how do you guide the mentee through developing short-term and long-term goals that would meet the mentee’s vision?


Course: LRD-612 Coaching, Mentoring, and Leadership Development
School: Grand Canyon University

  • 12/10/2022
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