LDR-612 Topic 1 Self-Reflection Log Assignment

Self-Reflection Log

Throughout the duration of this course, you will complete a self-reflection log. This is an opportunity to reflect on the experiences and obstacles during your coaching/mentoring opportunity. You will complete the self-reflection log each week. Each prompt should be addressed in 100-150 words.

Begin to work on the Topic 1 prompts in your “T1-T4 Self-Reflection Log” located in Topic 4 Resources. You are not required to submit this log until Topic 4.

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LDR-612: Self-Reflection Log for Topics 1-4

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Directions: During your coaching and mentoring experience, you are required to complete a self-reflection log of your experiences and obstacles. This log will be a helpful component to evaluating and modifying the overall coaching/mentoring experience. In 100-150 words each, respond to the following prompts.

Topic 1
1.     Describe how you will use your personal qualities to contribute to your coaching or mentoring abilities. How do these qualities serve as a value to your mentee?
2.     How difficult is it to select a person to coach or mentor? What is it that you find is challenging about identifying a potential mentee?  What could you do in your workplace to identify potential mentee opportunities?
3.     How do you establish trust with your family? With your friends? With your coworkers? Is this an important factor to establish in the mentor/mentee relationship?

Course: LRD-612 Coaching, Mentoring, and Leadership Development
School: Grand Canyon University

  • 05/10/2022
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