EDU 562 Establishing Global Classrooms From The Description In Your Textbook Each Specific Phase Resulted Identification Of Additional schools to study

From the description in your textbook, each specific phase resulted in the identification of additional schools to study. For a project of this scope, create a sample phase-by-phase plan to obtain more information about different schools for each phase. Imagine that the integration of faculty development seminars (as found in the e-Activity) into the Miami-Dade County Public School project would have been fully accomplished. Describe the potential impact of these faculty development seminars on one of the phases of the project

Week 5 e-Activity Visit the Council on International Educational Exchange Website to read the article titled “International Faculty Development Seminars”, located at Be prepared to discuss.

Course: EDU 562 Leadership in Global Education

School: Strayer University

  • 11/05/2017
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