PSY-560 Topic 7 Exam

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Complete the Topic 7 Exam.

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  1. _____ theories of intelligence suggest that intelligence is composed of a number of distant mental abilities
  2. In the Cattell-Horn-Carroll theory, intelligence is divided into:
  3. True or False; the criteria necessary to be classified as intellectually gifted is consistent across the U.S.:
  4. Evidence indicates that in the U.S. the IQ f the population has been increasing generation by generation. This has been called:
  5. Jean Esquirol is important in the study of cognitive assessment because he:
  6. In general, it has been shown that after reaching adlulthood, overall intelligence trends to ____ as a person ages.
  7. In the original Stanford-Binet, if a 10-year-old had a metal age of a 12-year-old, their IQ would be reported as:
  8. Raven’s Progressive Matrices requires the test taker to look at pictures in a sequence and identity what is missing, this is a test of:
  9. All of the following are common instruments used for testing intellectual functioning in children EXCEPT:
  10. In infancy, intelligence is usually evaluated by observing a child’s:
  11. In the United States, the average IQ is:
  12. In an intelligence test a participant may be asked to list the past five presidents, this is a test of:
  13. As people age past 40, in general it is expected that their ___ will decrease.
  14. When Galton ran his first psychometeic lab, he assessed intelligence by measuring all the following EXCEPT:
  15. According to current research, there is ___ correlation between creativity and intelligence.
  16. Intellectual assessment has sometimes been used as a tool for radical discrimination. Minorities have historically scored poorly on older intelligence tests because:
  17. The concept of Emotional Intelligence is popular in management literature but it is not assessed by psychologist because:
  18. True or False; the only criteria necessary to be diagnosed as intellectually disabled in an IQ below 70 as measured by a reliable and valid intellectual assessment instrument:
  19. Which of the following in NOT an environmental variable that influences intellectual development?
  20. Approximately ____ of the population has an IQ between 85 and 115.
  21. True or False: it is not possible to design a culture-free test; thus, psychologists are working to create culture-fair tests:
  22. The Wechsler adult intelligence scale (IV) divides adult intelligence into
  23. The Binet-Simon scale was very useful because it was the first assessment to include:
  24. As people age past 40, in general it is expected that their ___ will increase.
  25. Spearman’s g suggests that
  26. Sternberg’s triarchic theory of intelligence consisted of
  27. All of the following are limitations of Gardner’s Theory of Multiple Intelligences EXCEPT:
  28. Research comparing intellectual ability of men and women has resulted in:
  29. Based on Costa and McCrae’s Big Five Personality traits, a person with high intelligence is expected to score:
  30. Which of the following provides proof that inherited genes have an impact on intellectual development?

Course: PSY-560 Learning, Cognition and Motivation
School: Grand Canyon University

  • 20/04/2022
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