ADM-626 Topic 1 Module Assignment

Complete all questions in assignment section of Module. Assignments can be completed in Word documents and/or Excel spreadsheets.

Module 2: pages 8-10 *for Module 2 assignment you will need to use the self-checking Excel spreadsheet attached*

Module 11: page 105

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  1. Find the budget for your state or local jurisdiction. (Your professor may differentiate this assignment among students in your class.)

(a) Determine its format.

(b) Identify three of its characteristics and give the page number for each.

(c) Discuss whether the budget is useful and informative. Explain your reasoning.

(d) Identify any missing information and say why it would be useful.

  1. Find the budget for your governmental or nonprofit employer. If you are not employed or your employer will not share the budget, find a typical governmental budget such as that of a university, hospital, or museum. Then address topics (a) through (d) of assignment 1.
  2. Compare your employer’s budget (assignment 2 above) with your jurisdiction’s budget (assignment 1 above).
  3. Compare one of the budgets from assignments 1 and 2 with a classmate’s budget.

Course: ADM-626 Public Budgeting and Financial Management
School: Grand Canyon University

  • 01/12/2021
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