CUR/530 Week 5 Parent Brochure Team Assignment

Wk 5 – Parent Brochure Team Assignment


A parent-teacher conference is scheduled for the near future, and teachers have been asked to discuss various standardized testing information with parents. Your job (as a team) is to help parents make sense of standardized testing.

1-     Create an informational brochure (not a newsletter) that can be used by teachers and parents to better understand standardized assessments, using the information you gathered from your annotated bibliography. Please include in-text citations and at least 3 supportive graphics or images that can be used by teachers and parents to better understand standardized assessments.

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2-     Address, label, and explain the following topics in six separate brochure sections:

  • Section 1- What are standardized tests and why are standardized tests used in education?
  • Section 2- How does standardized testing influence teaching practices?
  • Section 3- What are the differences between norm-referenced and criterion-referenced tests?
  • Section 4- What should one know about understanding the reliability and validity of standardized assessments?
  • Section 5- What are some critical issues related to standardized testing?
  • Section 6- What are some of the common vocabulary terms and definitions used in providing the results of standardized tests (such as but not limited to raw scores, stanine, percentile, and so on)?

3-  Your reference page should be formatted as an annotated bibliography.

You are working as a group, but each member should provide his or her annotated bibliography information. Meaning, the person who is formatting or compiling team information is not responsible for your references. Each individual is responsible for providing the original information that completes his or her annotated bibliography.

Consult the Phoenix Library/Center for Writing Excellence for additional information on annotated bibliographies.

Please note that you do not have to submit a reference page and an annotated bibliography. For this assignment, your annotated bibliography will serve as your reference page. You will submit one compiled bibliography for the group.

Cite all work and follow APA formatting guidelines

Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your brochure

Submit your brochure.

Course: CUR/530 Assessment And Evaluation Models
School: University of Phoenix

  • 01/07/2021
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