CUR/530 Week 3 Data-Driven Instructional System Team Presentation

Wk 3 Team Data-Driven Instructional System

Create a minimum 10 slide presentation that you would use to teach a team of teachers how to implement a data-driven instructional system.

Include and explain the following:

  • Roles of each stakeholder (teacher, principal, etc.)
  • The function and process of collaborative data teams
  • Specific strategies to create a collaborative culture within a team environment
  • Development of questioning to promote higher-order thinking skills in a classroom
  • Authentic methods of evaluating collected student data
  • Specific techniques used to diagnose student needs

Feel free to use the speaker notes.

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Cite all sources and work according to APA format.

Submit your work.

Course: CUR/530 Assessment And Evaluation Models
School: University of Phoenix

  • 01/07/2021
  • 135
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