CUR/530 Week 2 Creating an Assessment and Rubric Assignment

Wk 2 – Creating an Assessment and Rubric

1 – Include the following information:

  • Course & Grade level (Ex. English I/Grade 9 or Language Arts/Grade 2)
  • Lesson objectives (Objectives and targets are measurable, stated clearly, and consistently use the terms and levels of Bloom’s taxonomy or Depth of Knowledge.)
  • Lesson standards (three clearly stated, specific, and deconstructed, if needed, state or Common Core standards, etc.)
  • How will you, the teacher, prepare students for this assessment? (What will you do prior to test day?)

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2 – Create an original formative interim assessment and a separate answer key that includes the following:

  • Selected response items (10 minimum)

(think) questions where the student has to choose the answer that best fits the question–usually through the process of elimination 

  • Constructed response items (3 minimum) 

 (think) questions that tend to have a prompt and space for the student to write an answer

3 – Develop a criterion-based rubric for the constructed-response section of the assignment. The rubric should include the following:

  • Two to three proficiency indicators such as content and ideas, organization, and grammar or both process and product
  • A graduated rating for each proficiency indicator (please include a scale of 1 to 4 and a scale of falls far below to advanced)
  • Two to three bullets of clear criteria for each proficiency indicator and descriptions of how the constructed response fits within the scale.

*Make sure this assessment is grade-level appropriate, student-ready, student-friendly, and polished. Please pay attention to assessment spacing and minor details. Please note that this assignment is evaluated with a student lens and a facilitator lens. Both views, lenses, or perspectives impact the overall score. You should think about and include all things that students will need to be successful on this assessment. Please note this should be your original and self-created work. This should not be from a third party or textbook publisher, etc.

Begin with the end in mind. Hop over to Week 6 and view the Signature Assignment. The work you do in Week 2 can be used in Week 6, once improvements are made based upon the feedback you will receive in Week 2. You can use this assessment from Week 2, or you can start a new assessment. Please note the choice is yours. You will have to decide what’s the best place for this Week 2 assessment to fit in Week 6.

While I am not asking for full lesson plans to be submitted this week, complete plans tend to guide your assessments, and you need to see the big picture of Week 6. Begin with the end in mind (now rather than later). With that being said, the lesson plans will help you in the long run.

Cite all sources according to APA format.

Submit your assignment.

Course: CUR/530 Assessment And Evaluation Models
School: University of Phoenix

  • 01/07/2021
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