DDHA – 8130 Week 2 Discussion Jean is a health care administrator for a hospital that serves an urban population

Discussion: Communication Technology Tools

When engaged in effective communication with communication technology tools, what considerations come to mind? How might issues such as ethics, privacy, or protected information remain secure when using communication technology tools?

Whether you are administering health services directly or managing the programs aimed at increasing health care delivery, you will most likely need to understand how to use communication technology tools effectively. As a health care administrator, you face a unique challenge in that you might use communication technology tools to communicate with both patient and provider populations. How might your health communication message differ when engaging with these two populations and how might that influence how you engage with communication technology tools?

This exercise will consist of 4 different phases: Challenge, Peer Review, Expert Response, and Recap.

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Course: DDHA-8130 Communications, Marketing, and Public Relations for Healthcare Administration Leaders

School: Walden University

  • 06/06/2021
  • 25
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