FIN-210 Topic 3 Chapter 5 Financial Planning Problems Assignment

Chapter 5 Financial Planning Problems

Complete Problems 2, 4, 5, and 7 in Chapter 5 of the textbook.

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2 Selecting a Bank, Julie wants to open a bank account with $75. Julie estimates that she will write 20 checks per month and use her ATM card at the home bank. She will maintain a $200 balance. Which bank should Julie choose?

4 Check Writing Fees. Randy, a student, has $500 to deposit in a new checking account, but Randy knows he will not be able to maintain a minimum balance. He will not use an ATM card, but will write a large number of checks. Randy is trying to choose between the unlimited check writing offered by South Trust and the low per-check fee offered by Sun Coast. How many checks would Randy have to write each month for the account at South Trust to be the better option?

5 Checking Account Balance. Paul has an account at St. Jerome Bank. He does not track his checking account balance in a checkbook register. Yesterday evening, he placed two checks in the mail for $156.66 and $238.94. Paul accesses his account online and finds that his balance is $568.40, and all the checks he has written except for the two checks from yesterday have cleared. Based on his balance, Paul writes a check for a new stereo for $241.00. Paul has no intention of making a deposit in the near future. What are the consequences of his actions?

7 Selecting a CD. Casey has $1,000 to invest in a certificate of deposit. Her local bank offers her 2.5% on a 12-month FDIC-insured CD. A nonfinancial institution offers her 5.2% on a 12-month CD.  What is the risk premium? What else must Casey consider in choosing between the two CDs?

Course: FIN-210 Personal Finance
School: Grand Canyon University

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