CRM2702 Criminal Investigations Week 2 Discussion Question / CRM2702 Week 2 Discussion Question

  1. Assume you are an investigator responding to a sexual assault which has occurred in an open field. Discuss which search pattern from Ch. 3 you would utilize to help search the scene for valuable evidence
  2. Discuss what evidence you would look for at your scene, how you would document the items, and how you would package them
  3. Discuss the importance of the Chain of Custody and the problems it could create at a trial if not done properly
  4. Optional: Go to and download the free 7-day trial program, draw your crime scene, and add as an attachment to your forum
    • Download at your own risk as the instructor and FIT takes no responsibility for downloading or computer issues
  5. Properly list your source(s)

Course: CRM2702 Criminal Investigations
School: Florida Institute of Technology

  • 10/05/2017
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