CUR/525 Week 5 Discussion Ethics in School Leadership


Wk 5 Discussion – Ethics in School Leadership

This week focuses on ethics in school leadership. Discuss the following:

  • Reflect on if school boards should have the right to regulate or discipline teachers for their private associations or for conduct in their personal life. Give examples from your experiences. What were the ethical issues involved and how were the issues resolved?
  • What caretaking must teachers and teacher leaders do when addressing student rights? What role must due process play in student behavior and discipline?
  • Describe the parameters of “reasonableness” of a student search. Give an example from your personal or professional experiences. What were the issues that led to the search and what was the result? Were there any ethical dilemmas for you as a teacher or professional involved or observing? 

Respond to the following in a minimum of 175 words:

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Course: CUR/525 Ethical Issues In Education
School: University of Phoenix 

  • 27/05/2021
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