CUR/525 Week 2 Ethical Principles and Theories Assignment

Wk 2 – Ethical Principles and Theories

Theories to be considered include the following:

  • Aristotle: moral theory (virtue theory)
  • Kant: Kantian ethics (moral duty)
  • Kohlberg: cognitive moral development
  • Mills: utilitarianism (consequentialism)
  • Niebuhr: ethical realism

You chosen or your instructor has assigned one of thes theories to you for this assignment;

Create a descriptive chart, outline, PowerPoint, or other graphic organizer of the critical attributes of the theory or set of principles for the ethical theory assigned/ approved by your instructor in Week 1.

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The assignment must include, but is not limited to, the following attributes:

  • Author of the theory and year(s) of development or publications they wrote about the theory.
  • Description of the theory, including any alternate titles
  • Essential vocabulary in the theory
  • Potential applications of the theory
  • A positive and negative (pros and cons) set of observations about the theory
  • A description of a real scenario of this theory in action

Format your chart, outline, or organizer consistent with APA guidelines.

  • included a title page
  • Include a references page of any original sources used in APA format.
  • include an introduction paragraph.
  • include a conclusion paragraph.

Cite all outside sources according to APA formatting.

Submit your assignment.

Course: CUR/525 Ethical Issues In Education
School: University of Phoenix

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