HA 560 Week 7 Signature Assignment Part II: Video Presentation


Week 7 Signature Assignment Part II: Video Presentation

For your Signature Assignment in this course, you will create and present a formal business plan for a hypothetical healthcare-related venture of interest. Your business plan will be a clear road map detailing the projected business goals and objectives of your proposed venture.

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Due this week: The oral presentation of the business plan will occur via a video presentation that you will upload to Blackboard. Think of this as the “pitch” for your hypothetical venture.

  • The presentation should be a 15-minute overview and summary of the key items in your written business plan.
  • Introduce yourself and describe your venture, highlighting the product or service being offered.
  • Explain how you would conduct the industry analysis for your venture.
  • Describe the human and material resources needed in your venture.
  • Provide an overview of your organizational and marketing plans.
  • Discuss your financial plan. How do you intend to fund the venture? What are the anticipated budget needs for year one? Summarize your break-even analysis.
  • If you have additional time you may want to include such things as: risk assessment, operations plan, and other data like market research data or price lists from suppliers.

Prepare and share PowerPoint slides that summarize the above tenets of your business plan.

Your instructor will ask questions and make comments that you may want to consider in your final written business plan, due next week.

Tips for an effective video:

  • Rehearse; you improve every time you practice.
  • Make eye contact with your audience (your webcam).
  • Use an extemporaneous speaking style.
  • Vary your tone of voice as appropriate, speak loudly, and pace yourself well.

View the full Signature Assignment instructions.


Course: HA 560 Entrepreneurial Opportunities in the Health Care Industry
School: West Coast University





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