CUR/520 Week 6 Professional Learning Communities Handout Assignment


Wk 6 – Professional Learning Communities Handout

Your principal has asked you to implement a Professional Learning Community on your campus.

Read the “What is a Professional Learning Community” from the provided link, or you can access it directly from the ASCD site: 

  1. Access the ASCD website.
  2. Click the Educational Leadership tab.
  3. Go to the EL Archives.
  4. Scroll to Volume 61 and click May 2004 edition: Schools as Learning Communities.
  5. Click the “What is a Professional Learning Community” article by Richard DuFour.

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Write a 350- to 525-word handout for teachers on your campus that highlights what a professional learning community (PLC) is and is not.

Include the following:

  • Use of data
  • Major goals and purpose of a PLC
  • School personnel involved
  • How the PLC will influence the school’s learning goals
  • How reflection is used to obtain continuous improvement

Submit your assignment.


Course: CUR/520 Advocating For Learning
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