CUR/520 Week 4 Classroom Observation and Chart Team Assignment

CUR/520 Week 4 Classroom Observation and Chart Team Assignment


Wk 4 Team – Classroom Observation and Chart

Each Learning Team member should visit a local school and observe a classroom for a minimum of 45 minutes.

Analyze, as a Learning Team, the classroom environments including the interactions between the teacher and the students and identify the elements of a collaborative learning environment that you observed.

Apply your knowledge of the three cognitive structures (comparative, symbolic, and abstract logical reasoning) to the classrooms that you observed. Which of those cognitive structures did you see and why do you think they were apparent?

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Create a 3-column chart using the knowledge you gained from your observation. Include each cognitive structure identified and an explanation of how it was apparent in the lesson you observed.

Include the grade levels and subjects of the lessons on your chart.

Submit your assignment.


Course: CUR/520 Advocating For Learning

School: University of Phoenix 

  • : 11/04/2021
  • : 100
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