CUR/520 Week 2 Student Interest Survey Team Assignment

Wk 2 Team – Student Interest Survey

Students are an invaluable source of information about their own learning because they hold relevant information about their interests and experiences when it comes to their education. Parents also provide insight into how your students learn based on past experiences in classroom and home environments.

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Design two interest surveys that can be distributed at the beginning of the year. The first should be for students and the second for parents.

  • Personalize the survey with information relevant to the students and their interests.
  • Determine what topics are of interest and what items will appeal to students to make learning relevant.
  • Elicit ideas from parents about student learning styles and study habits.
  • Determine ways parents want to be involved in your classroom.

Write two surveys consisting of at least 10 interest questions each. Make the survey appropriate and appealing to the age group of your students and for your parent audience.

Submit your assignment.

Course: CUR/520 Advocating For Learning
School: University of Phoenix

  • 30/03/2021
  • 125
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